The body m.o.t.

I developed this plan to address my own areas for mobility improvement, but soon realised it can help everyone - The Body M.O.T. is a maintenance programme for your whole body.

It is a comprehensive, thorough analysis of how your muscles and joints move and work, any strengths and weaknesses - which can lead to injury - and overall any areas that require improvement in order to have a full range of motion and to keep your body working as it should. 

It's not just for those of you who work out or play sports, its perfect for anyone who wants to be pain free day to day. Whether you have a bad back from sitting at a desk all day, or if you're an avid gym-goer or sportsman, The Body M.O.T. will help improve your overall health and  well-being. 

I will work through a range of small exercises and stretches with you, identifying key areas and any potential concerns, and leave you with a Personalised Plan for you to work on. Its a daily routine, it isn't time consuming, and you can fit it in to your fitness regime or even while watching TV at home!

It can be done on an individual basis or you can share the session with friends or family to split the cost. 

Get in touch and lets get your body working as it should.

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